Virtual Families 2 Full Game Detail

Virtual Families 2: Our dream home is a continuation of the Virtual Families game series of life simulation game developed by ‘Last Day of Work’. The game encourages players to live out their dream life in your computer as you adopt a small person and their family. Virtual Families 2 can be obtained on Personal Computer, Mac, iOS and Android. Like first Virtual Families you can catch a free one hour trial from that the web site before making a purchase. The smartphone versions of the game are available for free though and supported with in app purchases.

If you had been a fan of the original game you will Love the huge list of additions which our Dream House brings to the table. The core Items of the game are still there with the option to choose your own little person, help them to find a soul mate and pursue a career. Exactly like real life that the challenges in Virtual Families 2 are endless and that the whole adventure does seem like you are part of a real experience. You will have to conserve money for home upgrades, battle illness, go shopping, try to keep your career and balance all of this with attempting to enjoy life.

New elements in Virtual Families 2 includes a pet system that allows you adopt a perfect pet for your family, that the capability to renovate your house, options to customize room layouts, a brand new upgrade system that lets your little men and women advance further, new arbitrary events and a lot more. There is no doubt that fans of the original will love the extra depth that the game offers, its also perfect for first time players though with no reason to play the original first considering how many improvements the second game has. The fact that you can get the game for free only sweetens the deal.

Summary: It is one of the best game people can find. It gives players a basic gest of a good life. All features of the game have been looked by Continue the Virtual Families adventure and adopt a little child, control his life. Build a family, a career and a home. Runs in real time. Free for iOS and Android.