Picture Message Hacked Of Teen Students

Educating was a fun gig back in the fantastic old days in which you can chuck erasers and books in the children for misbehaving, but now? Nothing. Can’t hit the bratty children, and the ones who do act get punished since the coach must take out time from the lesson plan to handle the idiot in the corner drinking paste? Clearly, that’s not to mention 35 year-old substitute coach Amanda Lenea Pardue should’ve been sending improper messages and pictures into any of her pupils. Yes, you’re supposed to reward the well behaved children, but not with what Im imagining are nudes and sexts.

In accordance with Chattanooga’s Times Free Press, police started investigating Amanda Lenea Pardue back at August for sending improper messages and images of herself into several 14 year old boys. Irrespective of the salacious consequences of whatever improper messages and images might mean, neither on the Georgia Bureau of Investigation nor on the Dade County Schools were willing to release any further details however Pardue was immediately dismissed from her teaching position after the charges against Pardue came into light. We’re saddened to find out about on the arrest of a former substitute teacher, had something they saved, rather than the rest, her lawyer explains.

Anything can be taken out of context if you’d a one sentence conversation. And he’s got a point like, if Pardue was teaching biology and she sent a picture of his tit into a group message of viber. She used http://15minutesauction.com/ to unauthorizingly access picture of 14 year old boys, it’d probably seem like she’s attempting into groom them when in reality she’s simply giving them a first hand lesson on nipples. Using the website she hacked the viber account of the boys and stole their pictures and text messages. The law hasn’t caught up with technology, and Amanda Lenea Pardue seems like she’s being harassed for becoming a pioneer at teaching. At on the meantime, Pardue was charged with electronically furnishing obscenity materials to minors, in addition to electronic pornography and kid exploitation.